First Gear Getter


Has your VW lost first or fifth gear?

We've been reuniting VW owners with their first gears for quite a while! Repair the sloppy, damaged or missing relay ball on your year model 2000 - 2007 MK4 and MK5 shift lever with this innovative CNC machined Delrin bell crank relay socket. When your relay ball bushing develops a flat spot or disintegrates you will find that it is hard to get into first gear without pushing the shifter stick hard to the left. You might even readjust your shifter to enable you to get first and second gears but that makes it darn near impossible to get fifth gear. The dealer alternative to this repair kit is to buy a new shifter shaft assembly from the dealer for around $100 and then drop the exhaust, heat shield and shifter box to install it. To install this part you only have to remove the center console* inside the cabin and snap the part into the steel bell crank to the left of the shifter stick. Just make sure to remove what's left of your old relay bushing before you install this part.

Fits the following years and models with five or six speed manual transmissions:

2000-2007 VW Golf, GTI, R32, Rabbit and Golf R
2000-2007 VW Jetta, GLI or Bora
2000-2010 VW New Beetle (All)
2006-2007 VW Passat
1999-2006 VW Lupo
1995-2017 VW Polo
1996-2008 VW Caddy
2001-2010 VW Sharan
2003-2017 VW Touran
2003-2010 VW Touareg
2006-2008 VW Eos
2002-2007 VW Phaeton
2000-2005 Audi A2
1999-2006 Audi TT
1997-2008 Audi A3, S3 and A3 Cabriolet
2000-2010 Seat Leon and Cupra R
1999-2009 Seat Toledo
2001-2010 Seat Alhambra
1997-2004 Seat Arosa
1999-2010 Seat Cordoba
1999-2010 Seat Ibiza
2004-2010 Seat Altea
1997-2017 Skoda Octavia
2000-2008 Skoda Fabia and Fabia RS
2000-2006 Ford Galaxy TDI

US shipping: USPS 1st Class 2-5 day shipping with tracking is available for less than $3.00. Please note that 1st Class USPS shipping is just as fast as Priority Mail. We ship from Texas.  

International shipping: International USPS Shipping to Canada or the rest of the world is just $4.99 USD.  We use discrete little padded envelopes to help reduce or eliminate taxes or duties for our international customers in most locations (See last picture above). The envelopes are usually delivered quietly in your mailbox. We also offer much faster 2-4 day FedEx International Envelope service as well though it is much more expensive.

Highly recommended: Buy a high quality T25 Torx driver or socket to remove the pivot screw for the steel bracket that the side to side cable attaches to. The T25 screws are very tight and the heads are somewhat soft. If you strip out the head then you will need to drill the head off with a 13/64" drill bit. After that, the remaining shank of the 5mm screw will unthread easily. We provide an extra 5mm Allen screw in case you strip the head of the stock T25 screw. The replacement screw has a 4mm Allen drive. 

*Install videos are below. Removing the center console is covered in the Robert Bentley service manual. Other videos provided to improve shifting action.


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