Dieselgeek Shipping Worldwide!

Yes, we are shipping now!   We ship to the US, Canada and select foreign countries from San Antonio, Texas, USA. Our business hours are from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central Standard time Monday - Friday (GMT -6). We don't ship or answer the phone on USPS holidays or weekends.

If you are not in the US and you are not able to get shipping rates then we are not currently shipping direct to your country. We recommend sending the items to a freight forwarder in the US and having the freight forwarder ship the items to you. Sorry for the inconvenience but there is no other way to get items to you currently.

We reserve the right to change your shipping method (speed and/or carrier) without your prior approval. This is intended to decrease delivery time and/or increase delivery reliability. We will bear all additional cost, if any, to do so. Also, there is no guarantee of delivery times whatsoever other than overnight domestic US deliveries ordered before our cutoff time on a business day. What you see in the shopping cart is an estimate of delivery time only and nothing more.

International Shipping Methods       Transit time                     Cost
FedEx Priority International                     1-3 Days                        High
FedEx International Economy                 2-5 Days                        High
USPS Priority Mail International            5-14 Days                     Medium
USPS 1st Class International                  7-60 Days*                      Low

*Please note that these are only estimates on time frames based on business days. There is no guarantee that these time frames will be met. This is just to be used as a rough guide to help you decide which shipping option works best for you. 

International Duties and Taxes: All foreign taxes (VAT, GST, etc.), FedEx or DHL brokerage fees (if applicable) and Import Duties will be paid by the customer. These charges are not collected by Dieselgeek.com but are billed upon delivery. By purchasing through Dieselgeek.com you agree to the timely payment of these charges. 

For UK Customers: Effective January 1st, 2021, the UK government requires that all foreign sellers register with the UK government to start collecting VAT on orders on all purchases below 135 Pounds Sterling (~$186 USD). We do not currently have the human resources for collecting and remitting sales tax to a foreign government. We recommend Googling "Freight forwarder Miami" to find a freight forwarder to send your orders to. You can just order online and specify that the shipment is sent to the freight forwarder. The forwarder can then post them to you.

For South American Customers: There are many freight forwarders in Miami, Florida that can help you reduce your overall shipping and Customs expenses. We do ship direct to some South American countries.

Address accuracy: We get all kinds of incorrect addresses which we then have to research to get corrected. This eats up a lot of time and is even the reason we have removed certain places from where we ship. Please provide us with an address that you or I can actually find in Google Maps. Don't abbreviate your address. Words and letters in electronic form are dirt cheap. Don't skimp. Give us an address that is precisely what is on your electric bill or one you might give a lover to make sure they find you if they were travelling from a far off country. As if they've never been to visit you, ever.

Order deadlines for same day shipping: Our cutoff time for same day FedEx shipping is 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (GMT -6) Monday through Friday. We have our last USPS pickup at 3:30 CST. We always do our best to ship as quickly as possible but sometimes circumstances prevent this hence we do not guarantee same day shipping. Generally though, if you order by 3:00 CST the package will go out that day. We really don't like to have paid-for stuff hanging around so we try our best to get packages out the door. It makes life easier for everybody.

Domestic Shipping Delivery Times: For shipments within the United States our shipping options are FedEx or USPS. FedEx Ground or Home Delivery takes only 1 to 4 business days for delivery. See transit time map below from FedEx. USPS takes from 1 to 4 days for delivery depending on how far away from Texas you are. Please note that Saturday and Sunday do not count as shipping days for FedEx Express or FedEx Ground while USPS and FedEx Home Delivery both deliver on Saturdays. If you need Saturday delivery with FedEx Express you must email us at sales@dieselgeek.com or call 210 852 4819. There is a $17 surcharge for domestic FedEx Express service delivering on Saturday. Also, some areas are not eligible for Saturday FedEx Express deliveries.

Service Failures Policy (4/4/2020)

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic we will not guarantee any shipping times whatsoever whether domestic USA-bound or international.. As of April 4, 2020 we have seen some countries closing their borders and we expect that we could see international shipping delays soon.

FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Map: