Skid Plates

Protect your fragile aluminum oil pan!

  Dieselgeek skid plates protect your vulnerable VW oil pan, transmission, and other expensive parts. The MK4 Jetta TDI skid plate, Audi A4 skid plate, and New Beetle skid plates are our most popular products due to the protection they offer and the amount of time and money they save our customers in the long run. Why replace your expensive plastic belly pan when a Dieselgeek Panzer Plate costs about the same and offers serious oil pan protection? Get your Dieselgeek skid plate now by choosing your vehicle from the menu on the left.

 Due to the US tariffs on aluminum and steel, the price we must pay for those materials has moved far too high to allow us to produce new skid plates in the near future. We are hoping that the tariffs get lifted soon but if that doesn't happen it will be uneconomical to run more skid plates until new US aluminum and steel mills come online sometime in 2020. If you see your car listed to the left we still have skid plates in stock for those cars. 

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Deluxe MK4 Panzer Plate and FMJ Side Skirt Combo -
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