Bosch Injection Pump Seal Kit for TDI


Don't replace that TDI injection pump, reseal it!

Thousands of our customers have fixed their leaking TDI injector pump's quantity adjuster seals with this official Bosch TDI injection pump seal kit. Kit includes seals to reseal all leaking injection pumps on the following North American spec cars:

1996-1997 Passat TDI
1997-1999 Jetta III TDI
1998-2003 New Beetle TDI
1999.5-2003 Golf TDI
1999.5-2003 Jetta TDI

   The green round pump head seal in this kit is Buna rubber, not Viton. We highly recommend you also purchase the $9.00 Viton pump head o-ring seal kit available here. Replacement of the two rectangular quantity adjuster seals requires the Metalnerd MN3001 anti-tamper socket which is available here

Installation words of wisdom: To see how to successfully replace the quantity adjuster seals you must read this thread on TDI Club! Read it! The "JB Weld trick" is a time-proven safe method if you are not a seasoned pro at pump seal replacement. If you are a professional and have VCDS software then you probably don't need to read it. Please note that if one or both of the quantity adjuster seals are the only seals leaking then you should change them first and then get the car running again. If anything goes wrong it will be much easier to diagnose if you haven't changed the pump head seal at the same time. If the pump stays dry after the quantity adjuster seal swap then you don't have to change the pump head seal until it starts leaking. You can if you like but the jist of this statement is that head seals and quantity adjuster seal changes should be tackled as separate jobs if only one of them is leaking.  

  Please note that the only seals you are likely to need in this kit are the two big ones at the top of the photo and maybe the green one on the left. We do not recommend changing  any other seals unless they are leaking. For those of you who are sticklers for details, the torque spec for the 6mm Quantity Adjuster screws is 7-10 Newton Meters. Gutenteit works, too. Just remember that you are tightening steel screws into an aluminum pump body.

US shipping: USPS 1st Class 2-5 day shipping with tracking is available for less than $3.00. Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping is only $5.95. FedEx 2nd Day is just $6.50 and will deliver on Saturdays, too! We ship M-F from Texas. If your car is down and you to get it fixed fast and you need a guaranteed fast delivery then you should choose FedEx Express 2nd Day or Overnight. 

International shipping:  We can ship bushings via International 1st Class USPS Shipping to Canada and to most other countries for just $4.99 USD with a 2-5 week delivery time. Please note that due to some countries' postal procedures we cannot ship US Postal Service to all countries. 1st Class envelopes are usually delivered quietly in your mailbox with no local taxes charged to you. We also offer a more expensive but much faster 2-4 day FedEx International Priority Envelope service as well. FedEx will collect local taxes upon delivery. We highly recommend FedEx though if your car is down and you need the parts delivered quickly.

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