VanGogh Broken VW Engine Block Fix Kit for MK5 BRM TDI and late Euro Spec PD TDI


The 2005.5-2006 MK5 Jetta TDI BRM engine mount fix bracket provides a secure point to attach your engine mount bracket after the cast iron mounting ear breaks off.  On North American BRM engines, installation of this part requires that you first remove the EGR cooler (you reinstall the EGR cooler after the fix bracket has been installed). On some cars, if the original ultra low profile EGR cooler has part number 03G 131 512S, it will not fit back onto engine with the VanGogh bracket installed. If this is the case you will need to replace your old and likely leaking TDI EGR cooler with the newest part number 03G 131 512AD from either your local VW dealer an online seller or Ebay. This cooler and all others sit further away from the engine block. If you Google it you can find it for a reasonable price. Kit comes with all hardware to attach the VanGogh bracket to the engine.

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For our customers outside of North America: This bracket also fixes later European-spec Pumpe Düse TDI or "PD" engines with codes BLS, BMP, BMM, BMN, BMR, BXE, BVV, BXF, BKC, BKP, and the non turbo BST.  For other engine codes to determine whether this bracket will fit your euro-spec TDI engine you must physically check whether your engine block has the diagonal gusset as shown in the second picture on the left. This BRM VanGogh bracket only fits TDI engines with the diagonal gusset. If you have a PD engine and the diagonal gusset is not present on your engine block you will use the ALH and BEW VanGogh. If one of our VanGogh brackets has fixed your car and your code is not on our list, please email us your engine code so we can update our applications list to help others with broken blocks. 

About your broken aluminum accessory bracket... 

Oftentimes, when the ear breaks off of the back of your engine block, the aluminum accessory bracket bolted to the front of your engine which holds your A/C compressor and alternator also breaks where the engine mount bracket attaches to it. To get around having to replace the $300+ aluminum accessory bracket (038 903 139 AF), there is an alternative VW engine mount bracket and hardware available from your local VW dealer that can be used to prevent having to replace the broken accessory bracket. You will either need to trim some sheet metal on the original timing cover to use this updated mount bracket OR you can purchase the updated sheet metal timing cover listed below that already has the proper hole cut in it. Purchasing the updated mount bracket from the dealer will save you a lot of time. This updated 03G 199 207G mount bracket attaches to different holes in the cast iron engine block than the original bracket.

The part numbers are as follows: 

03G 199 207G Updated engine mount bracket x 1 (replaces 03G 199 207F)
045 109 147A Sheet metal cover x 1 (New, pre-modified sheet metal timing belt cover to go with engine mount bracket above.) 
N 105 524 02 x 2 These are the stock vertical 12mm engine mount bolts.
N 106 833 01 Longer horizontal bolt M10 x 115 x 1 
N 106 558 02 Shorter horizontal bolt M10 x 85 x 1
The last of the three horizontal bolts is supplied with our kit and is an M10-1.5 x 150 mm.

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