VanGogh Broken Engine Block Saver for 2.0 Gas Engine


Save Your Engine!

Does your 1998 - 2006 VW non-turbo 2.0 gas engine have a broken engine block ear behind the timing belt? Is your mechanic telling you that you need a new engine? Our block repair bracket solves your problems and will make the engine mounting system stronger than stock. This kit will save you a lot of time, money and an engine! Many cars have been totaled by insurance companies and many engines have been exchanged simply because this mounting ear had broken off. Our repair will last forever!

Installation: The repair bracket can be easily installed with the engine in place. We highly recommend that you first make sure that the 7mm and 8mm threads for the mounting holes in the engine block are clean before mounting this fix due to the likelihood of rust being present in these threads. You can try to thread the included bolts into the holes first to see if cleanup is needed. If necessary, use an M7 x 1.0 tap and an M8 x 1.25 tap to clean out the threads. The bracket should be fastened to the back of the block with the middle M7 bolt and the M8 bolt. The upper M10 long bolt should be threaded into the repair bracket last and tightened fully before fully tightening the other two bolts.

Please note that this kit comes only with hardware to attach the repair bracket to the engine. You must also replace every one of the engine mount bracket bolts that are contained in the separate $19.00 bolt kit available here. We offer the bolts as a separate kit since most high quality timing kits like ours will include them. 

Beyond the pictures on this page, no other instructions are included with this kit.

US Shipping:  We offer FedEx 2nd Day or USPS Priority Mail for just $7.50 and it will deliver on Saturdays, too! Two great options. Overnight delivery is available as well. We ship M-F from Texas.

International Shipping: If your car is down and you need it fixed quickly we highly recommend selecting DHL or FedEx shipping which takes 2-4 days to arrive. Please note that there will be local taxes, customs, and brokerage fees payable upon delivery when using DHL or FedEx. If you have the luxury of being able to wait 1 to 4 weeks for delivery then we suggest choosing a USPS 1st Class Mail at around $16.00 - $23.00 as there are no brokerage fees charged when shipping with USPS. The 1st Class envelopes are usually delivered quietly in your mailbox.

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