ALH TDI Timing Belt Tool Kit


Finally, a great quality TDI tool set at a very nice price that includes all tools for changing the timing belt on the 1999.5-2003 Golf and Jetta TDI as we as 1998-2003 New Beetle TDI. Using these tools during a timing belt change is the only way to set proper TDI cam and injection timing.

Kit includes:

Timing sprocket holding tool This is the long green tool. The pins on the right stick into the spokes of the cam sprocket which allows you to loosen or tighten the bolt holding the cam sprocket. It is imperative that you use this tool when you loosen or tighten the cam sprocket bolt since the cam locking plate is not designed to hold the cam while applying torque to the bolt. (You will break the cam if you try!)

2. Cam locking plate This is the shiny, elongated "M"-shaped tool at bottom right. It inserts into the slot at the driver's side of the camshaft to lock it into Top Dead Center.

Timing belt tensioner spanner wrench (with red handle, center of picture). In addition to allowing precise tensioning of your timing belt during the install process, this tool was custom designed by Metalnerd to allow re-tensioning of the ALH timing tensioner after the motor mount bracket has been reinstalled since the timing belts can stretch a little bit from use. No other manufacturer's wrench will allow this. Very handy!

Cam sprocket puller (Far left). The easily damaged, powdered metal cam sprocket on the ALH engine is a tight interference fit and almost always requires the precise and even pulling power of a custom-fit, precision puller like this one.

Injection pump locking pin  This L-shaped red handled pin is inserted through the injection pump sprocket and into pump body to lock it into Top Dead Center. This is critical for proper TDI pump timing.

Crankshaft locking tool This is the shiny pear-shaped tool at bottom center of picture. This "no-torque" tool simply holds the crankshaft firmly at the Top Dead Center position since it always wants to roll off TDC. Saves the headache of constantly checking whether you are at TDC during the last steps of a belt change.

Stubby 5mm Allen socket for removing the seven Allen bolts holding down the valve cover on 1998-2003 New Beetle ALH engines. This 1/4" drive socket is pictured at lower left corner. Use a wobble extension for even greater flexibility on the bolt under the EGR valve!

Click here for third party timing belt replacement procedure.

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