B6-B7 Panzer Plate Heavy Duty Aluminum Skid Plate for all 2002-2008 Audi A4 Quattro or FWD, Sedan or Avant


What a Dieselgeek Panzer Skid Plate will do for you:

  • Give Peace of Mind. The stock belly pan offers absolutely no protection against broken oil pans.
  • Save you money. Replacing oil pans, stock belly pans and sometimes even complete engines gets expensive.
  • Save you time. Have you ever lost an oil pan? It is a time wasting ordeal, especially on an Audi A4.
  • Protect the environment. Hundreds of gallons of motor oil is spilled on the road every year from broken Audi A4 oil pans.
  • Keep snow and ice out of the engine bay.
  • Will fit the C5 Audi A6

Audi A4 Spoiler protection:

We provide you with two self-tapping 6mm screws that allow you to anchor your front spoiler to the aluminum skid plate to prevent unwanted parking curb hooking incidents. Details of the fastening of the front spoiler to the skid plate are given in the install guide here.

Oil Changes:

You will need to remove the Panzer Plate to change your oil as the oil filter is located at the bottom of the engine bay. Not to worry since removal of the Panzer Plate is easier than stock. 

Ground Clearance and total weight:

The Panzer Plate has as much ground clearance as the stock plastic belly pan. The Panzer Plate weighs in at only 12 pounds. It’s a must-have for any Audi A4 owner! 


FedEx Ground shipping to US addresses will be less than $30.00. To get an exact shipping quote for international delivery, add the plate to the shopping cart, go to the shopping cart page and input your country, province and postal code and click "Calculate Shipping".  Please note that although DHL Worldwide shows up as a carrier option, we cannot ship internationally with DHL due to size restrictions. Please choose USPS or FedEx. If you order with DHL we will email you with FedEx and USPS options.  

Click here for a printable PDF install guide. (Printed instructions are not provided with kit.)

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