Sigma 5 Five Speed Short Shifter for MK5, MK6 and MK7


Make your car fun to drive with one of our MK5/MK6/MK7 Sigma 5 Speed shifters. Each kit includes machined aluminum cable ends which replace the plastic and rubber stock cable ends. This upgrade provides superior feel and durability under pressure. Check out this install and review article in Diesel World Magazine. The Sigma shift kit really makes your car much nicer to drive!

This shifter was designed to transform the following cars:

2005.5 & 2006 MK5 Jetta with 1.9 TDI diesel
2005.5 - 2014 Jetta with 2.5 liter gasoline five cylinder engine
2015 - 2019 MK7 Golf with the 1.8 liter Turbo gasoline engine
2014 - 2018 Jetta with the 1.8T liter or 1.4 Turbo gasoline engine
2006 - 2009 Rabbit with 2.5 liter gas five cylinder engine
2010 - 2014 MK6 Golf with 2.5 liter gas five cylinder engine
2012 - 2014 Beetle with 2.5 liter gas five cylinder engine
2015 - 2017 Beetle with the 1.8 liter Turbo gasoline engine
2012 - 2014 Passat with 2.5 liter gas five cylinder engine
2014 - 2019 Passat with the 1.8 liter Turbo gasoline engine
2019 MK7 Jetta S (6 spd for US and Canada) with 1.4 Turbo gas engine
Also fits MK6 and MK7 Golf with 1.4 Turbo engine with 6spd

This shifter also fits Euro-spec VAG cars with a MQ250 transmission (5 speed or 6 speed, click link to see picture so you can check your stock shifter parts for compatibility)

This kit is also great for fixing the poorly designed plastic VW shifter lever 1K0 711 202K that was equipped on 2008 and newer 5 Speed cars. These levers tend to seize up in the aluminum transmission pivot tube and keep you from being able to shift. Our Sigma shifter replaces all of the stock parts with sturdy metal parts that will last forever. If you are interested in testing a new, less expensive solution to the seized plastic lever issue and do not need or want shorter throw shifting, please email us at for details. We have a forever solution.

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International shipping: Inexpensive $16 - $26 US Postal 1st Class international shipping is available. We can ship shifters via International 1st Class USPS Shipping to Canada and to most other countries via USPS First Class Package International that has a 1-8 week delivery time due to CoronavirusWe also will not offer assistance with USPS package tracking other than providing you with a tracking number. In these uncertain times we recommend the slightly more expensive but much faster 2-4 day FedEx International Economy® service. FedEx will likely collect local taxes upon delivery.  Also, for Canada, the new USMCA trade agreement will reduce taxes and duties on this item.

The short shifter install manual can be found here or in the Install Guides link at the bottom of the page. Take a look at this third party install overview and video review of the Sigma 5 Shifter. Also, the MK4 Sigma 5 video below shows the basics of the install.

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