MK5 Stretch Bolt Kit for Subframe and Transmission Mounts
TTY subframe and tranny mount bolts for VW MK5 and MK6
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Below are the part numbers for the subframe and tranny mount bolt kit for the 2005.5 through 2006 Jetta TDI with the DSG transmission. You may purchase these from the VW dealer, since we no longer stock this bolt kit.

Part number
N 105 580 02 Large rear dog bone M14 x 70 1x
N 104 548 04 Long front dog bone M10 x 75 1x
N 102 048 08 Short front dog bone M10 x 35 1x
N 910 734 01 Control arm horn M8 x 75 4x
N 105 524 02 Large mount bolts M12 x 70 3x
N 105 797 02 Steering rack M10 x 76 4x
WHT000431A Rear subframe M12 x 110 x 2x
N 105 286 02 Front subframe M12 x 75 2x

It is necessary to remove the subframe when replacing the DSG flywheel. The bolts holding the subframe and transmission mounts are one-time use items since they stretch a little when they are tightened fully. There is a chance they will break if reused. The technical name for these bolts is TTY or Torque to Yield. We like to call them stretch bolts.

Helpful Hint: Please keep the bolts in the bags until you are ready to use them so you do not get them mixed up. Use the picture above for identification. The subframe bolts will be in their own bags and the lower "dog bone" torque mount and transmission bolts will be in a separate bag.

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10mm triple square socket to remove and replace VW drive axle bolts. VW 3067 Flywheel Holding Tool for holding crankshaft still M12 triple square socket to remove and replace VW flywheel crank bolts 03G 105 266CG updated 2006 Jetta TDI flywheel for DSG transmission

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