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Best VW Short Shifter for MK4 through MK7 6 speed cars. Includes side to side AND front to back reduction.
Sigma 6 Six Speed Short Shift Kit
Our Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $189.00

The Dieselgeek Sigma 6 shifter for your VW or Audi. This shift kit is revered as the ultimate MK6 GTI short shifter! Also widely known as the Golf R short shifter of choice.
Replacement VW and Audi shift cable bushings
Cable Saver Replacement Cable End Bushing Set for MK4
Our Price: $33.00

So, you're driving along and reach for the next gear and all of the sudden your shifter gets super sloppy. "What the hell?" you say. You might even finally get it into gear but something is wrong. Your shifter cables feel like they broke. You can get your Audi or VW shifter working again with our replacement shift cable bushing set for MK4 Volkswagen or Audi TT shift cables.
VW shifter repair bushing for left side of shift stick 1J0 711 112E
First Gear Getter
Our Price: $25.00

So, you can't get first gear in your year model 2000 - 2007 MK4 or MK5 VW or Audi? Repair the sloppy, damaged or missing relay ball on your shift lever with our innovative adjustable shifter bushing and get it into first gear again!
NEW! VW Shifter SHAFT Bushings for MK4 and early MK5
Our Price: $29.00

High performance MK4 and early MK5 shifter shaft bushings to replace spongy factory and deteriorated bushings. Makes shifting much more precise! Kit includes lower spring seat bushing and upper spring seat.