TDI Crank Bolt Set for DSG Flywheel
Set of six new crank bolts with plastic coated threads to prevent oil leakage
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Special Instructions: 6 per set

Set of six bolts for attaching DSG flywheel to crank shaft. These are not stretch bolts and should first be torqued to 22 lb./ft, second stage is 44 lb./ft and third stage is 1/4 turn or plus 90 degrees. You will need an M12 triple square socket to service these bolts which we sell.

Helpful Hint: You need to clean the six bolt holes in the crank with q-tips soaked with brake cleaner spray before bolting the flywheel to the crank. Also, if you reuse your crank bolts, clean them first with brake cleaner spray and use a drop of blue Locktite on the threads to keep engine oil from wicking through the threads and leaking to the inside of your bell housing. The new bolts we supply have a thin plastic coating on some of the threads that perform this sealing function.

MK5 Stretch Bolt Kit for Subframe and Transmission Mounts M12 Triple Square Socket for TDI Crank Bolts DSG Flywheel 03G 105 266CG for 2005.5 and 2006 Jetta TDI & 2004 through 2006 New Beetle TDI M10 Triple Square Socket for Axle Flange Bolts on DSG Equipped Cars
Our Price: $49.00
Our Price: $12.00
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Our Price: $12.00
TTY subframe and tranny mount bolts for VW MK5 and MK6 M12 triple square socket to remove and replace VW flywheel crank bolts 03G 105 266CG updated 2006 Jetta TDI flywheel for DSG transmission 10mm triple square socket to remove and replace VW drive axle bolts.
Flywheel Holding Tool 3067
Sale Price: $26.00
VW 3067 Flywheel Holding Tool for holding crankshaft still

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