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All of our skid plates come with all necessary hardware. We list individual pieces of hardware for sale below in case you have lost pieces or are installing your skid plate on a different car.

Here is the required parts list for the 2000 - 2006 Audi TT Panzer plate:

Skid plate
1x Driver side mounting bracket
2x M10 Round body large diameter big black rivnuts
1x M10 Round body standard diameter rivnuts
1x Rivtool for setting rivnuts
3x M10-1.5 x 35mm Hex cap screws
4x Thick M10 fender washers

Instructions links for the installing the TT Panzer Skid Plate kit are here .

M10-1.5 rivet nut with large flanged head, VW part number N 909 147 01
M10 Round body large diameter big black rivnut
This is one M10-1.5 round body OE VW big black rivnut with a 45mm head diameter. These have a VW part number of N 909 147 01.

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M10-1.5 rivet nut with custom large flanged head replacing VW part number N 908 106 02.
M10 Round body standard diameter rivnut
Better than N 908 106 02. This is one custom M10-1.5 round body hardened rivnut with a 23mm head diameter and 3mm head thickness. These are harder than stock with wider, more secure heads.

Our Price: $2.00
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M10-1.5 x 35mm hex cap screw
M10 x 35mm Hex Cap Screw
This is one M10-1.5 x 35mm long hex cap screw, zinc plated, for use in all Panzer Plate kits. (1.5mm thread pitch and 17mm head)

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Heavy fender washer with 1.25 diameter
M10 1/8" thick fender washer with 1.250" OD
This is one zinc plated 3/8" heavy fender washer that is 1/8" thick with an inside diameter of 10mm and an outside diameter of 1.25".

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Rivnut setting tool for M10 rivet nuts
Rivtool for Setting Rivnuts
This is the Rivtool for setting the M10 rivnut anchors in the frame and subframe of MK4 chassis cars including the New Beetle. Can also be used on B5-B6-B7 series Audi A4, B5 Passat and the Audi TT as well.

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MK4 Panzer Skid Plate Alone, Closed Drain Hole
This is ONLY a replacement Panzer Skid Plate for the MK4 models. No hardware is included with this kit.

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