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Fix your New Beetle Interior Door Handle!

Repair or replace your broken or cracked New Beetle interior door handles! New Beetles have a cult following and will be collector's items soon. Why not help preserve them by keeping the inside door handles intact with a Beetlebrace kit or replace a missing or heavily damaged door handle with the Like Handle? Before now, New Beetle door panel repair was very expensive. Previously, the only way to replace a broken inside door handle was to buy a new door panel or try to find a matching panel at a salvage yard. Save your New Beetle door panels with a Dieselgeek kit now!

Repair kit for all VW New Beetle interior door handles
Our Price: $29.00

THE fix for cracked New Beetle door handles! The Beetlebrace also prevents cracks from starting on your door panels or handles by adding a metal skeleton to the top of your New Beetle door handle. Every New Beetle needs a pair of Beetlebraces!
J-B weld for the ABS Plastic used on New Beetle door panels
J-B Weld for ABS Plastic
Our Price: $7.00

J-B Weld has been a favorite for repairs for years. This version is specially made for bonding the ABS plastic found in all cracked New Beetle door panels. Just squeeze out and mix the two components, wait a few minutes for it to thicken then apply to the broken panel and you're done!
Solid Aluminum inside door handle replacement for New Beetle
Like Handle
Our Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $79.00

The Like Handle is a forever New Beetle door handle replacement. Used when the plastic panel's door handle is too badly damaged to enable the use of a Beetlebrace, the Like Handle was meant to completely replace the broken plastic New Beetle door handle at a reasonable cost.