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Repair, don't replace that manifold!

Buy our simple P2015 Repair Kit for your Black Plastic TDI intake manifold 03L 129 711AG. This intake manifold is only found on some 2010 and newer cars sold outside of the United States and Canada. We ship Worldwide for $4.99!

Repair bracket for TDI manifold 03L 129 711AG. Fixes error code P2015.
P2015 Code Repair Bracket for CR TDI with black plastic manifold 03L 129 711AG
Our Price: $64.00

This P2015 repair bracket for the black plastic intake manifold found on some 2.0 CR TDI's outside of the US and Canada. This manifold is made almost entirely of black plastic. Saves you hundreds of Euros! Click picture for more details.
03L 129 711AG
Intake Manifold 03L 129 711AG
Our Price: $464.00

Common Rail Intake Manifold 03L 129 711AG. This black plastic manifold is only used on cars outside of North America. Comes equipped with our P2015 repair bracket installed so you will never have to replace it again. This unit was used for product development and is brand new, OE VW. Please note that you do not need this manifold if you use our P2015 repair bracket shown below.